History is Happening Now

Ok, short post here real quick, but everyone please do your best and vote for BTS! Even if you aren’t an A.R.M.Y. please help us and join in the voting because the race isn’t over yet! Think of this as a big break not only for this band but for Kpop itself so go ahead and vote as many times as possible. Hwaiting!





Guys I got tickets for GDragon!!! AHHH! Ok ok so first off letting you know that I’m not dead and that I’ll definitely try to post something about it because THIS IS WORTH WRITING ABOUT!! If anyone else is going I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments sections too! Ok so I gotta calm down now, but I’ll be in San Jose on July 14th in case anyone cares….



School Happens.

I know this is another post almost right after the other post I made promising to come back and be consistent, but I doubt that will happen. As you the reader can tell, the amount of time passed between this post and the last one is really embarrassing since this was supposed to be a weekly blog. The thing is, I’m still in school and this year has been the toughest yet. So, I’m just trying to own up to the fact I wasn’t able to keep that resolution of posting consistently, as well clearing up anything and setting the expectation one can have of this blog. I have to focus on my schooling, as I am taking classes that out me closer to my dreams, and they need all the attention I can give them. So, this blog is most likely going on hiatus, and I cannot set a return date, or guarantee that I will ever return. I will probably post something right after this, once I find something to write about.

So I want to thank all of those who have followed me, and liked my posts, and I really appreciate those who supported what I was doing. Hey, maybe if one day I become famous, you guys will all be able to say you knew me first! Thanks again, and don’t let anyone stop you from achieving your dreams!



Spotlight: Passion, Baby

This is a new, semi-monthly post I will produce that gives a small shoutout of appreciation to a selected artist, particularly after a comeback. 

눈물/Blood Sweat and Tears, has been one of my favorite comebacks yet by BTS. It finally truly feels like the boys of bangtan have grown up! With Jungkook becoming “legal”, and Jimin turning 21, this more mature concept in the recent comeback has allowed me to reflect on how far this band has come. Now aside from my bias towards other members, I noticed that one member in particular seems to finally have unleashed his abilities to the fullest. After receiving what seemed to be a lot of hate on the internet in recent months, and heavy pressure to do better, J-Hope has finally caught fire.

Every single move of his appeared honed to perfection during the most recent video, and not to mention, he was the center of the album teaser. His lines were great, and his dancing was especially precise, which was special after all the years of random limbs. J-Hope completely broke out of his shell of silliness for a sexy, passionate, and extremely awe-inspiring performer. It is so inspiring to see someone continue to push themselves even after reaching new heights in fame.

I feel so proud of J-Hope for continuing to work harder than ever, even after undeserved criticism. His obvious talent was showcased beautifully in Wings, and now its a little bit of an “in your face” kind of moment, where haters are probably forced to realize that no matter what they say, our fantastic hobie is here for good.

Please comment what you think below, since I just thought of this idea on the fly! Give me feedback on how to change this for the better next time, thanks! 


I’M BACK! Didn’t you miss me? Here, have a picture of Chimchim. (creds. to owner obv) 

Hi guys!

So sorry its been like half a year since I’ve posted anything…I was busy happening to the world. But no excuses! I’m ready to begin another round of posts, but I have to say thanks so much because you guys, who inspired me once more to keep up writing. I had sorta given up over the summer, until I got a notice that someone had liked my post…and then followed me! And not only that, but they found my site from almost half a planet away! In the next few weeks, I received more likes and follows, and now I feel obliged to stick with my blog 🙂 Anyways, I’m planning on continuing to post on Mondays (my time)…though I might get inspired and add a few posts here and there. Anyways, I give special thanks to those who keep revisiting my blog, and have stuck with me through this early (and way too long) hiatus.



I Think: Learn How to Accept Apologies

This morning I finally got the nerve to check up on the band Got7, since they had just finished both of their concerts near me, and I wasn’t able to attend. However, instead of seeing how great their LA events went, I was shocked to see BamBam’s name plastered on the headlines of netizens, along with the word “racist”.

As I read further, I discovered that BamBam and band mate Yugyeom were videoed in a club, in which BamBam used the n—word, and also appeared intoxicated, as well as Yugyeom who is still only 18, while BamBam is just a year older.

Both members are under fire for underage drinking, and exhibiting racism after the video was posted of SnapChat that night by another one of the club goers.

This is what article after article reported. There were only a select few that actually mentioned BamBam’s unofficial attempt at apology.

I was happy to see that he was owning up to what he did, and that he planned to do something more official back in Korea. What I wasn’t so happy about was the reaction that some Kpop fans and iGot7 had. BamBam is suffering from death threats, and way too much hate for someone who made a mistake in a society where this term is used on the daily by much older, and knowledgable celebrities.

Who are we to treat someone who has tried so hard to make the right decisions, and is still so young? Come on everyone, grow up a little. I understand this isn’t a small deal, and that this offended a lot of people. But what about every other star whose has said things worse and has done it knowingly?

This made me so sad to see the words “this is all my fault” in BamBam’s apology. Because even though he made a mistake, it wasn’t really his fault. He probably saw how other stars behave in America and just followed suit. I hope everyone understands now that he really was sorry and that we need to stop going after him. He said he was sorry, and is going to make it up to us. What more do you want? Just accept it and move on.

Review: SMTown Station

Starting this last spring, SM Entertainment company launched their musical project called Station, in which they pair different talents in the company to create songs together, as well music videos. So far some major hits include “Lil’ Something” by EXO-M’s singer Chen and female rapper HEIZE & VIBE, No Matter What by BoA and Beenzino, and The Day by K.Will and EXO-K’s Baekhyun.

Some of the songs been a hit and miss, but mostly, every new release has brought something refreshing to listen to, as some of our favorite artists create new music outside their band or genre. (And of course, lets not forget some of those dream pairings that finally came true!)

At first, I wasn’t sure what to make of Station, since there were very few artists I listen to under SM and the first few songs held little relevance to me, since I hardly knew any of the artists. It took me awhile to get interested, but once I began to see names like Chen, and K.Will under the song titles, things became a little more exciting.

It was the release of “Lil’ Something”, as well as the video teaser’s that brought me into Station. My EXO-M bias is Chen, and so to watch him outside of EXO was a whole new experience, and one I really enjoyed. That music video was lovely, and HEIZE did a fantastic job. That song raised my awareness to SM’s project and I kept my ears perked for more artists I knew in the future.

Now I look forward to every release, regardless of those who are featured, and because of that, I have begun to enjoy more of the music of SM artists and explore on my own. Station helped me learn of new artists, and enjoy old artists singing different genres than before.

Overall, this experience has brought me closer to the music I love and it was a brilliant idea on the part of SM. I hope this is will continue in the future as something all Kpop fans can look foward to every summer.